Safe and Sound This September

September is National Baby Safety Month, and as your only dealer For The People®, the safety of the little ones riding home in Nicer, Newer® cars from my store is one of my top priorities. Here are a few recommendations and tips to keep your precious child safe both in the car and out.

In the car:

  1. Make sure a child under than two is safely secured in a backward facing car seat. I know it’s hard not to be able to check back and see them, try adding a mirror, so you guys can check each other out during the drive. Many people recommend keeping your child in a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible.
  2. Once a child exceeds the height and weight limitations for a rear-facing car seat, they can move to a front-facing car seat. But you’ll still shouldn’t put the car seat upfront.
  3. Make sure you never leave your child unattended in a car. Heat increases exponentially inside a hot car, so make sure you get in the habit of checking all of the seats in your car before locking the door.

At home:

  1. Watch out for magnets! They may seem non-threatening, but children can easily swallow small magnets. If they attract to each other internally, they can cause significant internal damage.
  2. Keep up to date on recalls to make sure that none of your baby’s toys have been recalled for safety reasons, that includes second-hand items.
  3. Secure items that your baby could use to help themselves stand up or move around, specifically secure furniture and televisions to the wall to avoid tipovers.

I spend my days getting local families out of unreliable, and sometimes dangerous, rides. But I wanted to give back a little more that’s why this month, in honor of Baby Safety Month, I’m giving you some helpful tips and tricks to keep your bundle of joy safe and sound.

So long til next month!

SOURCES: Be sure to check out these sources for more information. Guidelines are constantly changing and evolving as we learn more and more about how to protect our little ones. Keep your kids safe—stay up to date!