Hip Hop Hooray!

Easter’s almost here and the aisles at every grocery store are lined with chocolate bunnies and candy eggs. But candy isn’t the only way to deck out your kids’ baskets. Here are some other ideas to spice up the Easter treats.

A New Container

Instead of sticking to the same old, lame old baskets each and every year, try swapping out the container. Mason jars make a cute scene with Easter grass, chocolate rocks and peeps. Or use personalized linen bags that they can use as tote bags after Easter.

Crafts And School Supplies

Colored pencils, markers, stamps and stickers are all great things to include in an Easter basket.

Something Comfy

Seasonal t-shirts are a great addition to an Easter basket and perfect for the warmer spring weather.

A New Buddy

What better buddy could a kid ask for than a cuddle bunny. Stuffed animals, like bunnies, are a great addition to an Easter basket and a replacement that will last much longer than the chocolate version.

A Book

Sweeten up bedtime by including a new storybook in your kids’ basket.

It’s easy to fall into a rut of just putting candy in Easter baskets, but there are lots of other fun additions you can include as well. This year, think outside the (candy)box and try one of these fun substitutes!